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The Focus of Sunbelt Research II is to protect plants and trees from disease. We produce solutions to encourage the maximum yield of fruit and growth potential. Our products are formulated with an environmentally friendly all natural vegetable oil base. Our products were developed to treat a wide variety of diseases, fungi and pests for Citrus Trees, Palm Trees, Blueberries and most fruit bearing plants.

Our plant sprays were developed to control, protect and treat bacterial, viral and vector related diseases and harmful insects.

All of our plant sprays are specially formulated with a vegetable oil base and sulfer which inhibits the attack of fungal diseases by creating an environment which is not optimal for disease growth.  Our sprays offers an effective, economical and convenient solution to the wide array of fungal blights that consumers face every day.  Our products are ideal for organic vegetable gardening and as an effective solution for rose care and tomato fungicide. They controls powdery mildew, black spot and rust. They are a perfect solution for organic vegetable gardening. By using them regularly you  can eliminate up to 45 different insects in any stage of their life cycle. They can be used on foliage plants, ornamentals, beans, peas, blueberries, palms, coffee and all citrus plants.

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    • C.S.S. has had great results on Greening. The normal progression after spraying with C.S.S. is all the leaves will fall off the tree. You will then see new growth start. If you maintain spraying with C.S.S. as directed you will see dramatic improvement in your fruit yield the following growing season.

    • Mixing and Spraying Instructions:
      Mix 1 cup or 8 oz. of C.S.S. into 1 gallon of water

      Spray once a month, use one gallon to spray tree foliage and make sure you spray under the leaves. This is where the harmful insects live. Mix another gallon (same ratio) and apply to root base of tree.(trees less than 4 ft. tall use 1/2 gallon) This will allow the tree to absorb C.S.S. through the root system. The tree can now also fight disease and insects internally (systemically).

      These applications will cause some leaves to fall from the tree. This is normal. Within 2 to 3 applications you will start seeing new healthier growth.

      This is a bee friendly product. It is not recommended to spray flowering plants/trees.

      It is important to keep the trees healthy by continuing to spray on a monthly maintenance cycle!

  • Should the citrus spray be rotated with other products? For example, I have a citrus leaf minor problem, and use Spinosad. I also use copper based products because of fungal infections including Phytopthora Gummosis. Or is the CSS designed for these other problems as well?

  • Can you send me the label for PTS and the ones for Roses. I have 250 roses and some Canary/ Queen Palms.

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