Common Palm Tree Infestations and Infections

Palm trees are a beautiful hot climate plant; they represent travel, rest, and relaxation. There are approximately 2600 different species of palm trees that live in tropical areas. Unfortunately, these majestic plants are not immune to illness or the negative effects of pests.

A common palm tree disease is called fusarium wilt. This disease begins by killing the oldest palm leaves. It then quickly makes it way to the top of the tree, ultimately killing the palm. This disease progresses rapidly, therefore dead leaves will often still feel rigid and stiff, despite one-sided yellowing and general browning. Fusarium wilt affects the queen palm and Mexican fan palm, with the death of the plant generally occurring only two to three months after the symptoms are observed.

In addition to fusarium wilt, palm trees are also susceptible to a fungal infection known as Ganoderma butt rot. Ganoderma cannot be diagnosed until after the tree is cut down. Usually, it is only after death when a signature “conk” on the trunk will develop. At times, there may even be visible discoloration inside of the trunk, noticeable after the tree is cut down. This fungus kills the palm by attacking the inner lining of the palm’s trunk (approximately the first four to five feet). Unlike fusarium wilt, all species of palm trees are susceptible to Ganoderma butt rot. With its only symptoms being a conk and general wilting, Ganoderma butt rott can be an insidious threat to any palm.

Another common palm disease is bud rot, which can occur as a result of many fungal and bacterial pathogens. Bud rot can be dangerous for the palm, because unlike other trees (such as maple and apple trees), which have many areas where new growth can emerge, the palm tree only has one. If this terminal bud becomes damaged or diseased, no new leaves will be able to grow and the palm will eventually die.

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